Our plans

Trust Performance Agreement 2017-18

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PART A: Pupil Excellence  

  • 80% of pupils achieve a good level of development in the early years and pass the KS1 phonics screen.
  • 70% of pupils achieve the national standard in reading, writing and maths at KS2.
  • 50% of pupils achieve 9-5 grades in English and maths at GCSE.
  • Progress 8 score of +0.25 at GCSE.
  • Value added of at least +0.1 for academic and vocational course at post-16
  • Disadvantaged pupils and high attaining pupils achieve a positive progress score at KS2 and a positive Progress 8 at GCSE.

PART B: Staff Excellence  

  • 90% of teachers are judged good and 40% outstanding.
  • Staff retention exceeds 80%.
  • Staff reporting a good work life balance in annual survey increases by at least 25%.
  • Launch the Leigh Prize for Innovation to award high-quality ideas to improve staff well-being.
  • Successfully embed a 5-stage leadership programme.
  • Provide enhanced cross-Trust training opportunities for staff.
  • Redefine and strengthen performance management.

PART C: Trust Excellence  

  • Embed the IB Learner Profile across the curriculum in all LAT academies.
  • Implement Trust e-learning platform, “LAT one”, for staff and governors.
  • Ensure consistent approaches to judging the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Launch Leigh Aspire to enhance cultural and educational enrichment opportunities for pupils, especially the more able.
  • Develop an enhanced LAT marketing strategy to attract new pupils and staff to the Trust.
  • Increase average “Digital Level” across academies to a score of 3.
  • Double the deployment of alumni in LAT academies.
  • Achieve one more Ofsted outstanding academy.
  • Ensure all academies are General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant.

PART D: Extending Excellence

  • Successfully open Leigh Academy Blackheath by September 2018.
  • Make strong progress to open Maidstone Primary Academy, Bearsted Academy and “Medway” Academy.
  • Add an additional existing secondary academy to the Trust, ideally in LAT’s South East London or Central Kent Clusters.
  • Add an additional existing special academy to the Trust.
  • Open brand new sports facilities for The Leigh UTC and Inspiration Academy.
  • Develop a nursery provision at Hartley Primary Academy.
  • Rebuild and refurbish Dartford Primary Academy (juniors).
  • Successful completion of phase-2 build programme for Langley Park Primary Academy.