Longfield Academy

I am delighted to be the Principal of Longfield Academy and am deeply proud of my students. My vision is that all students achieve beyond expectations and this drives our decision making on a day to day basis. Our well qualified and dedicated staff go beyond expectations to ensure our students succeed in becoming valued members of the communities they are part of.

Alex O'Donnell, Principal, Longfield Academy

As with all other Leigh Trust secondary Academies, Longfield is structured to embrace the ‘small schools’ model of learning. The college structure seeks to foster the strong links that exist within a small community. Excellent communication between the Colleges and home is a central part of this process.

The Academy is led by 2 co-Principals, Alex O’Donnell and Anne Davis. A Head of College leads each college of approximately 380 students from Years 7-13 together with a team of dedicated staff. All students are organised within a vertical tutoring system where students learn from and support each other to achieve the very best outcomes.

The building has discrete facilities for each of the colleges – Anderson, Matisse and Galileo, whilst also housing specialist resources accessed by the whole Academy. Each College teaches Mathematics, English, Modern Foreign Languages, ICT and Humanities on the first floor.

On the ground floor of Anderson College can be found the specialist Science facility and presentation space. The Academy’s provision for some students on the autistic spectrum is also part of this College.

In the middle of the Academy building is Matisse College which houses the Expressive Arts classrooms, as well as a large plaza area and indoor garden.

At the far end of the building is Galileo College which houses both a Professional Kitchen and Technology rooms. In the centre is another indoor garden and ‘The Telescope Bistro’.

Most of the community facilities of the Academy are found adjacent to Main Road, including the sports hall, dance studio, multigym, learning resource centre, the Helix restaurant and a theatre.

Principal: Alex O'Donnell
Longfield Academy
Main Road