Teaching & Student Support

Behind every great teacher is a great teaching assistant

Teaching and student support roles are crucial in our Primary and Secondary Academies, and particularly in our special needs units and our special needs Academy.

Our teaching support staff play a vital role providing a range of 1-1 assistance and group activities for our pupils before, during and after school hours. Their support compliments the teacher’s work and helps improve the quality of lessons.

Whether they are based directly in the classroom or in offices in each Academy, their priorities are the same – our students.

We have developed a talented team of teaching support staff who consistently help to improve and maintain our students’ ability to learn and succeed.

Across our academies the types of Teaching & Student Support roles include:

  • Learning Support Assistants (sometimes known as Teaching Assistants) – these operate at 3 levels based on their experience and qualifications and work alongside the teacher to deliver great lessons.
  • Cover Supervisors – the role of the cover supervisor is to temporarily cover a classroom, ensuring that students remain on task with the work they have been set.
  • Technicians – support the delivery of science, engineering, computer and design based subjects, ensuring that lessons run smoothly by preparing and managing the resources required for the lesson.
  • Learning Mentors – work with teachers and support specific students that need the most help, especially those experiencing multiple disadvantages.
  • Foreign Language Assistants – who assist with the practical side of teaching modern foreign language lessons.
  • Inclusive Support – who manage attendance as well as welfare issues that may be impacting on the student.
  • Exam Invigilators – who play an important role in ensuring examinations run smoothly and fairly.
  • Breakfast Club and Midday Meals Supervisors – who ensure that students are cared for outside lessons in their recreation time.